Precious Gold

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Ana Foxxx is a talented young woman who catches the eyes of her contract girl Alexis Fawx. Ana Foxxx’s creativity, originality and amazing smile helps her to create this artistic scene. To accomplish what she had in mind, Alexis decided to paint Ana in gold, so everyone can see how precious this beautiful girl is. For the first time, Alexis puts her hands on Ana worshiping every inch of her.

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Trace of Love

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Lucy (Rina Ellis) is back to her childhood home after a few months away. Her best friend Claire (Ana Foxxx) comes to visit her. The two girls have a sleepover like they used to have back in the day. This intimate moment brings back memories of their childhood and slowly in the dim light of her mother’s room Lucy and Claire get closer. Everything starts with a simple touch on her arm. Lucy traces Claire’s arm and this gentle touch gradually moves all her over her body. Aroused by it, Claire kisses Lucy and things progressively move to a passionate and romantic reunion between the long-time friends.

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Swing On By – Part 2

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After her husband, Jason, heads to the bedroom with Mick’s wife, Kimber, ebony beauty Ana Foxxx finds herself alone at the party. The stunning hostess has promised her husband she won’t partake this evening, but she still likes to watch. As she peeks in at Jason fucking Kimber doggystyle, Kimber’s husband, Mick Blue, finds Ana. His sexy gaze and soft, sensual caresses convince her to show him the ropes to make the evening a true wife swap!

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Ana Foxxx fucking in the kitchen with her small ass

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You know you’ve struck gold when your wife is willing to go the lengths of fucking a thief in order to get your watch back. That’s what Ana Foxxx does for her husband Chad, who lost his prized heirloom watch in a poker game many moons ago to liar and a cheat. But because the two-bit thimblerigger is known to frequent the club where Ana dances, she took it upon herself to get her husband’s possession back. The fact that she fucked the man to get what she needed made Chad so horny that he has to have the Ebony beauty her right then and there. (Video duration: 40 min)

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Secretary Ana Foxxx takes her boss's law firm cock

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Things just aren’t the same anymore. The law firm Johnny’s late dad started is merging with another organization, and it isn’t fun anymore like it was in the good old days. But when he sees his secretary Ana Foxxx at the water cooler, discussing the days of wayback and all the drinking, debauchery and depositions that occurred in the office turns Ana on! So much so that the ebony babe wants Johnny to bang her in the office supply closet, just like Johnny’s dad used to do with his secretaries. Ana gladly lets Johnny throw down the gavel with his legal boner! (Video duration: 32 min)

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A Long Time Coming

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Ana Foxxx and her husband have traveled all over Europe, and while in Prague, they met a hot couple who showed them all the local places of interest. Now it’s their turn to host their new found friends, and Caprice and her man are staying with Ana and her husband in their home in LA. The bond has been fast and obvious, and they have been wanting to take this friendship to a new level for some time. So after a few glasses of champagne, the sexual tension builds, and it’s time to live out their hottest fantasy.

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Slutty Roommate

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I showed up at Ana Foxxx‘s place to interview her for my show and the foxy ebony greeted me wearing only a shirt and panties! She took me on a tour of her new place while I started interviewing her. Then, we heard some sudden moaning! I asked her what it was and she told me her roommate Vera Bliss just won’t stop masturbating! Then, she asked me if I wanted to see! Who could say ‘no’ to that?! I followed Ana as she led me down the hall to Vera’s room and we caught her red-handed! Vera was surprised at first, but she didn’t stay pissed for long. She pulled Ana on the bed and the two sluts started making out! Then, they started licking and playing with each other’s nipples and tight wet pussies, completely forgetting I was there! Of course, I filmed everything and here it is for your enjoyment!

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